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Here at oakwood legal we can offer you FREE independent advice, which can ultimately save you money and time when you come to plan for your funeral.

We review the best Prepaid Funeral Plans market so that we can give you sound advice on choosing the best value plan for your unique circumstances. There is no charge, no obligation. We are not tied to any providers (unlike most). We won’t hassle you or pass your details to third parties.

We can almost certainly save you money, perhaps a lot.

What is a Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is a means of taking your funeral in to your own hands by planning ahead. In doing so this allows you to avoid the rising annual costs of funerals. There are already a wide variety of funeral plans on the market today, each tailored to ones personal needs. In order to avoid the rising cost of funeral plans, you simply choose the correct pre-paid funeral plan for you which freezes the funeral and funeral directors fees. With most funeral plans you can either up front, or pay low monthly payments.

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So Why Choose take out a Funeral Plan?

According to the Sun Life report of 2013, has risen hugely and has no signs of slowing down. The average cost of a funeral plan in 1997 was approximately £1200. Todays figure show that the average funeral plan is £4000. When put in mathematical terms this is an increase of 225%. This rising cost far exceeds standard inflation. In fact the money put to one side for ones funeral would not accumulate enough in interest to cover the rising cost of funerals we see today.

How do I get a Funeral Plan?

For help and friendly advice call us, and we can offer you all the advice you need to start saving money for your loved ones today. The number is 0800 612 6707, and you can leave a message even when the office is closed.

The 5 minutes talking to us could save a great deal of time, money and grief for those left behind. And we read the small print for you.

Retired couple from Manchester reading a funeral plan

Emotional Benefits

  • Fulfills responsibility and peace of mind
  • Your family have the benefit of a meaningful ceremony
  • Your final wishes will be followed
  • Taking care of your arrangements is a thoughtful and caring thing to do

Financial Benefits

  • Protection of rising financial costs
  • Save your loved ones the emotional burden of planning your funeral
  • A tailored service
  • Total peace of mind